This web site is prepared by Doğa Koruma Merkezi for “Artists For Nature Project” under Civil Society Dialogue Programme. Doğa Koruma Merkezi is solely responsible from this social media content and can in no way be intrepreted as the opinion of the EU, Republic of Turkey and/or  Ministry for EU Affairs.

We would like to thank:

-Turkish Government and European Union partnership for funding this project under Civil Society Dialogue Programme,

-Governor of Köyceğiz Province Gürkan Demirkale and Mayor of Köycegiz Municipality Kamil Ceylan on behalf of all local institutions, for their hospitality,

-Hilary Welch for initiating this partnership with SWLA,

-Harriet Mead for welcoming the project regardless of all the bureaucracy,

-Alp Giray and his family for their limitless hosting during all of our stays in Köyceğiz,

-Okan Ürker for his wide knowledge on Sweetgum Forest Ecology and great problem solving ability,

-Our British tutors, Nik Pollard, Greg Poole, Esther Tyson and Ben Woodhams for their dedication,

-Cengiz Tapan for his ability of capturing the moment,

-Güngör Genç for every bit of her enthusiasm on this project,

-Yasin İlemin for his contribution during the art week regarding the zoology of the area,

-Özlem Ürker for her volunteer work during the art week,

-Gonca Fide for her helps in logistics,

-Nihan Bora and Elif Kolçak for helping us spread the word,

-Işın Gürel and Çağrı Öner for sharing their know-how on media and networking issues,

-Dr. Gürsel Koç and Marmaris City Council for hosting us in Marmaris,

-Tora Benzeyen for his efforts on building this web site in one night,

-And finally all of our young artists for letting this happen.